Thursday, 12 July 2012

A work in progress!

Like many other quilters I have more than one quilt on the go at any one time! The problem for me is to limit the number of projects, but with all the wonderful patterns and quilts I've seen in museums and on-line this is soooo... hard!

Last week I received a pattern for the Aunty Green Quilt. Designed by Irene Blanck you can see it in the gallery on her website Focus on Quilts. She distributes through various stockists in Australia. I got my pattern through Threadbear, but strangely when I checked their website tonight, the pattern wasn't there - I know it has been flying out of the shop ever since it became available, so maybe they are waiting to re-stock.

This quilt has been on my wish list for many years, primarily because it is all applique! The Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine published the pattern over three issues back in the mid-1990's and despite having practically every copy of the magazine since its inception - guess what? I "lost" these issues in my move from Australia back to the UK.

Brigitte Giblin has published her version of the quilt in her new book Feathering the Nest published by Quiltmania. It's much larger than the above and original version and requires quite a bit of half-square triangle piecing but, as those who know me well, I loathe piecing!
 So I have carefully put my new pattern away, but will keep my eyes open for useful fabrics and start another project crate for some time in the future.
Brigitte Giblin's version of Auntie Green's Quilt
In the meantime, I do not like to admit to myself just how many quilts are in "production", but I do finish them... eventually! I suppose it is the process of auditioning fabrics and the making of the top that I enjoy the most. To finish a quilt is the end of a long journey and I do not want that journey to end - it seems so final.


  1. I Love that auntie green quilt and was so excited that someone drafted the pattern and its now available! did you know that Irene has a blog?

    1. Hello Kathie
      Yes, I have only just recently started following Irene's blog
      She is a friend of Margaret Mew over at Quilt Station who designed the blocks for the Maltaville Quilt.

      I would love to start work on Auntie Green, but I really shouldn't... famous last words!


  2. Hi Fiona
    Margaret sent me this link and I'm so glad that she did. Thank you for your kind words. Also I love it that quilters are enjoying my interpretation of Auntie Green. It was a quilt that I truly enjoyed doing and had to stop when I did because it was getting too big! I could have gone on and on!! The pattern will be available at Somerset Patchwork and Patch n Quilt (formerly known as Drapers of Mt Macedon) later this week.