Friday, 20 July 2012

The Olympic torch arrives!

On Day 63 of the Olympic torch relay around the United Kingdom and with just 7 days to go until the opening of the London Olympic Games, the torch finally arrived in Seal, Kent, just a mile away from where I live.

So I decided to take the day off and join the crowds...

With two hours until the torch arrives - first problem, where to stand to get a good view?
I headed for the bus stop

Those grey clouds look ominous!

1 hour to go and Samsung arrive with blow-up banging sticks to keep us amused :-)

Seal Primary School arrive en masse outside the village hall

The police motorcyclists did a marvellous job of keeping us all amused with
high 5's!

With 15 minutes to go and Seal High Street is ready for the arrival of the torch

Looking down Seal High Street

The Seal Library lion strikes the eponymous Usain Bolt pose

The start of the Torch parade

The Coco-Cola float - I missed out collecting a free frisbee taking this photograph :-((

The Samsung float

The Lloyds-TSB float

It's nearly here...!

The next torchbearer arrives - 17 year old Manuel Harris from
Coulsdon, Surrey

The torch is readied and the gas turned on...

Although he said he was very nervous, he was very excited...

The Olympic torch "kiss" when the flame is passed on...

The torch is lit and on its way to Sevenoaks

All the flower displays in the village had a red, white and blue theme and
many people living along the torch route into Sevenoaks held
lunch parties in their front gardens

My freebies!

and finally... my tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games have arrived.


  1. How exciting! We lived in Los Angeles when the Olympics were there in 1984 and we had such fun watching for the torch, the marathons, and a few of the stadium events. Enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity!

  2. Enjoy every moment. I am from Australia and a school teacher. I remember the excitement of the chillren as the relay passed through our city, and then our family travelled to sydeny for the game - the best bit was walkig through the streets of Sydney with athletes from all over the world walking beside us - I would go again in a heartbeat

  3. Thanks for taking us along on the torch relay. I love seeing the village and all of the festivities. Enjoy your time at the Olympics.