Baltimore Album Quilts

I love Baltimore Album Quilts. I do not know why, but I am drawn to them. I have been making Baltimore Album blocks since 1994, one day I will have a quilt!

I have Marg Sampson to thank for putting me on this path. I was living in Australia at the time and my quilt group invited Marg to teach a monthly programme on BAQ's. I had been looking at black and white photographs trying to determine what colours were used and I turned up for the first class with two baskets - one with mainly contemporary(for the time!) and pastel tones and another basket with bright reds, blues etc, but in "country style" which was all the rage at the time. 

I looked around the class and everyone-else had pastel colours so I covered my bright colour basket and put it under the table. Marg must have seen me though, because as she came round checking our fabric selections, she got to me and asked to see my "brights" basket and the moment I pulled back the cover she said " you use those and continue in those tones". Until I saw my very first BAQ I had no idea how close my colour selection was to those used in the original quilts - so fate took a hand that day!

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