Sunday, 15 July 2012

Some more works in progress...

Lately,I have been finishing off some blocks that have been sitting around in various bags, which does not get me very far. So, here are some completed blocks from various quilts in progress.

Beyond the Cherry Tree Quilt
Block 13

Block 14

I now have just 11 more blocks to applique and then it will be on with the borders which I have decided to leave until I complete the blocks so I can ensure the borders will fit. I have just noticed that I didn't stitch on an eye for the bird, so not quite complete after all.

Maltaville Album Quilt

I have often wondered at the significance of the Saturn and its' moons block in this quilt, as I think Saturn had been discovered long before 1847 when the original quilt was made. We will most probably never know.

Just Takes 2
8-pointed star
This quilt is coming along very, very slowly. I have two other blocks in progress for this quilt, both applique, but they not quite ready to be photographed.

Finally, a photograph of part of a panel I began when I was in Nantes in April. The panel was designed by Brigitte Giblin for the workshop I took with her, but I have made a few minor changes. I am not showing all of it just yet, but I am thinking that I might let it "grow". I am planning it as my "Olympics" project quilt...

and finally, a box of hexagons - my current rail commuite project.

Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. when you finish off the QUILTS these blocks belong to you will have some special quilts!!!

  2. Good morning Fiona, I'm just up, having a cuppa and eating my toast! And saw that you had posted. Thrilled to see the MAQ blocks coming along, looking great. yes what is it with the Saturn block? I am stumped too. I love that glimpse of your new Brigitte Giblin block, and spotted some Smithsonian in there. And the box of little hexies :-) gorgeous, can't wait to see what they end up being. I forgot to tell you I have the whole poem off the MAQ, I will email you it all soon. Have a great day (you're probably about to go to bed!!
    M :-)