Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Waitangi Day and a Diamond Anniversary

Firstly, Happy Waitangi Day to all New Zealanders, my adopted country where I spent seven years and still have so very many happy memories - Kia ora!

and secondly, today is the diamond anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne. There will be major celebrations throughout the UK and Commonwealth in June with street parties and the lighting of beacons amongst other things - it's going to be a busy summer what with the Olympics and Paralympics as well!

Friday, 3 February 2012

A Challenge for February!

I am going to theme this month - "Finish off February"!

Hanging from the armrest of my chair is a large book bag in which I keep all my current projects - applique blocks I am working on - in their respective plastic bags or zipper pouch, so that when I'm watching the television I can just dip my hand in and pull out a project. Well, I was having a clear up last Saturday morning(!) putting projects in the bag when I just couldn't squeeze any more in, so I resolved that night that I have to clear the book bag of all my ongoing projects by the end of February, before I start anymore blocks hence... "Finish off February"

The role call:-
4 Maltaville blocks
4 Beyond the Cherry Tree blocks
2 Everything old is new again blocks
3 DAR Baltimore Album blocks
2 Sundial blocks

They are all in their various stages of completion or in some cases at the start... so there's my challenge. The reward? An empty book bag and the start of some new blocks.

Well, it has had some effect because here are the first two completed blocks!

Beyond the Cherry Trees
Would you believe that all I had to complete on this block were the little circles in the centre of each flower and then press it? What on earth was I waiting for??

Maltaville Album Quilt
This block has been living in my bag, on and off, since last August! It's been to Birmingham and back, across the Atlantic and back, up the east coast of the USA and has made countless trips to and from work! I don't know what it was about this block, I just couldn't summons up the interest in it. Maybe it was all those indentations on the leaves or my prevarications as to which fabric to use for the centre flower, but now it is finished... yeah!

Block C8

Onwards and upwards... hopefully with this weekend's predicted snow, I'll be able to get even more done!