Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Javelin - an historic train journey

As one of the senior stakeholders for Southeastern Railways, I was invited to participate in a historic train journey - the first official running of the Javelin train which will take spectators from St. Pancras International to the Olympic Park at Stratford in approximately 7 minutes. It normally takes about 40 - 50 minutes on the tube!

It meant an early, early start yesterday morning, as I had to be at St Pancras by 6.45am and, as you will see below in the photographs I got there with time to spare! It's surprising how busy the station was even at 6.30 in the morning!

St. Pancras International Railway Station

Trying to find my way to the Javelin train

I finally found the train!
Despite all the confusion of the signs with arrows pointing in the
wrong direction - why? Because they are pointing towards the end of the
queue - it runs the whole length of the station which is immense!!!

One half of the Javelin

Journey's end in 7 minutes - a surprising lack of bunting etc - why?
It's not allowed...

I bought a Great Britain team mascot (I love his smile), to go along side my
New Zealand Kiwi and Australia Koalas which grace my shelves at work
- guess what I teach!

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