Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Olympics

Despite, over the last year and a quarter of many hours spent at the computer, I was unable to get a ticket for any of the Olympic events; not even for the team synchronised swimming which I particularly wanted to see as the Great Britain team are from my old swimming club in Aldershot. I do however have a ticket for the Paralympics - swimming events in early September and of course the Paralympic road cycling takes place just over the hill from me, so a lot to look forward to.

So instead, I purchased a day ticket (four months ago!) to the park so I could enjoy the atmosphere. It was a great day and I walked my poor feet off, but it was well worth it...

One of the entrances to the Olympic Park through the
Stratford shopping centre

The back of the Aquatics Centre just at the entrance

Main entrance to the Olympic Park

View across the river

The Olympic Stadium and Orbit

The Olympic Stadium

The Orbit

Underneath the Orbit

Wildflowers meadow

Wildflowers Meadow

A lone poppy in the meadow

My lunch view across the meadow towards the Olympic Stadium

The Basketball stadium

The Hockey Stadium

The audience for one of the outside screens

The outside screen

The Velodrome (nickname - the Pringle!)

Wendover - The Olympic mascot and two friends

A new volunteer from downunder!


  1. Enjoyed these pictures = a different take on what is to be seen !!

  2. What a wonderful place to have all these athletic events. The pringle is such a cool design. Thanks for the walk through set of pictures for those of us who are watching on TV. Even the wildflowers make a colorful statement!!