Monday, 9 December 2013

USA 2013 - part 4

 Red and Green Exhibit at the Quilter's Hall of Fame

I love anything applique especially Red and Green Quilts and this was a great exhibit displaying the genre. The majority of quilts are from around Indiana - enjoy!

Whig Rose or Rose Bud Wreath
1840 - 1860
Made by Mary Jane Porter, Harrison County
Closeup of Whig Rose or Rose Bud Wreath
Whig Rose - 1845 - 1865
Made by Lavinia Rudicil Rubottom of Franklin County
Lavinia's only child died at age two, and she is said to have pieced quilts at night by lamp and candle-light whilst waiting for her husband William to return home from evening work. His will left a bequest "to her use and benefit... so long as she continues my widow and no longer". Lavinia never re-married.
Close up of Whig Rose
The Turkey Red fabric is "shattering" because of the caustic dye process used
Closeup of Whig Rose Border
The quilt is densely quilted and has a stuffed scalloped border
Whig Rose - 1910 - 1935
Maker Unknown
The mint green and pink fabric used in this quilt is a 20th century interpretation of the red and green palette of the 19th century

Appliqued Signature Album Quilt 1855 - 1869
Made by Katherine Newly Hodson of Arno, Hendricks County
Each block of this quilt is stamped with a name and town. Mrs. Hodson, possibly a Quaker, made it for her daughter Catherine Carter of Plainfield. The vine border is appliqued with a sewing machine, which was a new and costly invention and was shown off with pride
Close-up of a very unusual block!
Bleeding Heart 1850 - 1860
Made by Susannah Whitinger of Zionsville, Boone County
Coxcomb or Olive Branch 1850's
Unknown maker, from Parker or Vigo County
Note that the border has only three sides suggesting that the bed was pushed against the wall
Currants and Coxcombs 1821
Made by Amelia Lemon, Clarke County
Amelia finished her quilt at age 15. Three years later she married Eliphalet Pearson, with whom she had
12 children!

Pot of Roses 1854 - 1880's
Made by Elizabeth Ann Shipman Powell from Dugger, Sullivan County
Made up of four large blocks, the swag border hangs in the opposite direction than usual i.e. they are facing in rather than out. The top was most probably made during the 1850's, but it was not quilted until the 1880's.

Pot of Roses 1840 - 1860Maker and place unknown
An unusual pattern of moss roses, so named because of the distinctive points on their green calyxes

Close-up of Pot of Roses
The Freelandville Masonic Quilt - 1849
Made by Sarah Culbertson Freeville, Freelandville, Knox County
Masonic Emblems drawn by Dr. J. I. Freeland, Sarah's husband appear amongst floral bouquets.
While saving a quilt's origins is vital, it is strongly recommended that information is added to a label which is then stitched to the back of the quilt, rather than written directly onto the surface (see bottom left corner!)
Close-up of centre block
Close-up of Freelandville Masonic Quilt block
note the beehive and bees signifying industriousness
Old Soldier's Rose 1976
Made by Jean Funderburgh, San Jose, California
An original design - 1875 - 1890
Made by Samantha V. Arnett Davisson, of Jackson Township, Tippecanoe County
Samantha and her husband William had 9 children. They raised shorthorn cattle and Shropshire sheep. William held several county and township positions including commissioner, assessor and road supervisor.
Close-up of the block design
Unnamed pattern - 1858
Made by P.F. Martin from Clarksburg, Decatur County


Strawberry Quilt 1840 - 1860
Made by Nancy Jane Shannon-Rodgers, Parkersburg, Montgomery County
The quilting averages 14 stitches per inch!

Tulip Signature Album Quilt 1951 - 1970's
Made by Stella Bonner, Knox or Clinton County
The quilt includes autographs of famous people including Richard Nixon and Neil Armstrong
Close-up with Neil Armstrong's signature
Rose of Sharon
I do not appear to have any details about this block nor a full picture of the quilt, I think because of the backlighting by daylight (you can see the cotton seeds in the batting), which made the picture too dark, but from what I can remember it's about 1840.
Whig Rose or Tea Rose 1850 - 1870
Made by Hannah Sias, Knox County, Ohio
This four block quilt was appliqued using very fine whip stitches, but quilted by a less experienced hand. Hannah was a Mennonite who emigrated from Switzerland to Maryland and then Ohio.Her daughter brought the quilt to Berne, Adams County, Indiana. Four generations of quilts made by the family are in the Indiana State Museum's collection

Finally, I have two more pictures of quilts which whilst on display were not part of the Red and Green exhibit and therefore should have been added to part 3...
A Marie Webster designed quilt hanging next to her work-table
Florence Peto's 9 patch challenge 1995
Made by Bets Ramsey with fabrics from Florence Peto's collection.
Peto wrote to Elizabeth Richardson about the Nine-patch crib quilt she was making (now in the Shelburne Museum), Sending diagrams, she encouraged Elizabeth to do the same. Bets used the diagrams and the fabric sent to Elizabeth to complete the challenge.

I hope you enjoyed the exhibit - there is a lot to inspire!

Have a good stitching day!


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