Friday, 20 December 2013


This meeting saw the largest gathering (ever?), for the Dear Jane Retreat with 122 attendees not only from the USA, but from Canada, Australia, Norway, Germany(via Norway), Belgium and of course me from the UK - we were truly an international meet!

With Elaine's excellent organisation skills, 122 people in the sewing room at one time did not feel like the tight squeeze that I feared (I am very uncomfortable in large crowds), and the time passed so quickly with the stitching, chatting to old friends and new, eating and of course all the shopping including a 3 hour visit to the ubiquitous boat in the basement of Lollys.

Here's Theresa, Gay, Myself and Carla taking a breather from searching the boat!
Picture by Claire
Five of us spent 3 hours turning the contents of that boat over and over, there were some wonderful treasures in there, believe me!

Rosemary Youngs gave a special retrospective presentation of some of her quilts - apologies for some of the photographs...

And then of course there was the Show n' Tell on Friday night...
We had a number of "Goddess's" present - you are crowned a goddess when you complete your Dear Jane Quilt. Here are a few of them...

Caroline Van Maele - Belgium

Barbara Larson and her 2" block Dear Jane Quilt
Trudi Wells from New York - This was a truly emotional moment, I have been watching Trudi make her quilt for 9 years - there's hope for me one day!
Nancy King - Indianapolis
Rosemary Youngs becomes a Dear Jane Goddess!
Made by Nancy King
Patty Harris and her Just Take 2 Quilt
Patty and Prue made the same quilt, but in different colourways
Prue's Just Take 2 Quilt
Edith Shanholt's Phebe Quilt - close-up of centre
Edith Shanholt's Phebe Quilt
Each November, in the wee small hours of Saturday morning the animals, led by Timothy get up to tricks. But this year...Timothy (the leader of the pack) had been forgotten back home in Indianapolis and the animals were not happy! 



Pam, Timothy's owner, was not allowed to forget that she had forgotten him and had to sit opposite this to remind her of this fact!

After all the wild weather of the previous weekend, snow began to fall - cue, one very excited Brit!

One more post to come!

Have a good stitching day!

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  1. I've spent a good long while on your blog this morning enjoying your last few posts. Your photographs and stories of your travels are wonderful. Didn't we have a great time in Shipshewana?