Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Empire State Building - USA part 2

On a previous visit to New York, I was only in the city for about 4 hours and therefore only stood at the bottom of the Empire State Building and promised myself that on my next visit I would go to the top! 

It had been such a bright clear day that I knew that I should go now to see the sunset from the top - there were no queues (which I had previously been warned about) and it was extremely windy up there, but the sunset and the views did not disappoint as the lights came on...

                                   In the Foyer
Sunset over New York City
The sun appears to have an extra halo!
Looking towards the new World Trade Centre, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
The sun setting over New Jersey
Life goes on down below
Towards Madison Square Garden and Macys
Looking uptown
Looking towards the Chrysler Building starting to light up
The sun has almost gone
Lighting up in Lower Manhattan

The tip of the Empire State Building

Looking North west - somewhere below is Times Square!
Looking up 5th Avenue towards Central Park
Then I walked across to Macys, but I was too, too tired to go any further than the entrance...

Inside Macys
Thank you for looking at my blog - not a quilt related entry, but I am very proud of some of my photographs they almost look good enough for postcards! It was certainly one of the high points of my holiday.

There's more to come - have a good stitching day!

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  1. Love love love your pictures of my favorite city! Looking at your view uptown photo I think you've also captured Rockefeller Center and the ice skating rink. I've never been up to the top so I guess I need to put that on my list to do especially if I bring the family. Love the transition from day to evening.