Friday, 22 August 2014

Benjamin Biggs Quilt - row 1

I have a few days off work! So I am doing an autumn clean of my home in the mornings and rewarding myself in the afternoons and evenings with stitching. I even got my sewing machine out! :-)) The lid of the carrier creaked somewhat as I opened up the case (I hate machine piecing!). It needed a little dusting and oiling, but I eventually succeeded in stitching together the first row of the Benjamin Biggs BoM and then the first two blocks of the second row. 

Row 1 - stitched together 21st August 2014
Apologies for the poor photograph, I don't have the floor space in my little cottage to lay out the completed rows, so the not very taut washing line had to suffice. 

I am pleased with progress thus far and I will return to block 3 - the blueberry wreath below to make some minor adjustments after I have completed this month's block.

I hope you have time to stitch today.

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