Sunday, 31 August 2014

Another wet August Bank Holiday... and some retail therapy!

A little late with my post...

Looking out on another wet day
We had yet another wet August Bank Holiday Monday, but was I glum? No, it was a PJ and TV and stitching day - yea!!

I worked on the August block of the Benjamin Biggs Quilt, I even tidied out my work basket. This was a Christmas present from my youngest brother and sister-in-law. I holds a lot of my stitching ephemera, but the four most important tools are out on the table - my applique scissors, needle threader (the best tool I have ever purchased!), size 11 John James needles and... a toothpick!

I finally finished the block at 11.43am this morning with just 12 hours to go until the end of the month, but I have now caught up!

Block 8 - Sarah Groff, Monoquacy (Monocacy), Maryland 1848
Gay Bomers has done a little research into this block and believes that Sarah's "... full name is Sarah Naomi Groff. She was the daughter of Eli G Groff and Amanda Biggs, Benjamin Bigg’s sister. She was born in 1838, making her 10 years old when signing the square appliqued in this block. We found Sarah listed in the 1850 census with her family and also with Richard and Martha Gilson. Two of the Gilson daughters, aged 14 and 16 also have blocks in the quilt."

There is some debate about the spelling of the town in which Sarah lived. Gay states that several of the towns were spelled incorrectly or had different versions of spelling - this frequently occurred due to how the inscriber said the town's name and then spelled it and is often seen in censuses. So it is quite conceivable that there would be derivations between Monoquacy and Monocacy, as it is known today.

... some retail therapy

In the previous week I had a little bit of retail therapy at Puddleducks in Sevenoaks.The navy blue was immediately put into the above block and the other two blue fabrics will appear in subsequent blocks.

The red fabric is for Di Ford Hall's BoM in QuiltMania called Mount Mellick. I haven't started it yet, but I am auditioning the fabrics; and the green fabrics were purchased because they are green and I liked them!

I also ordered from Sandi at A Quilts of Many Colors in Leo, Indiana my collection of fabrics for the AQSG competition. The collection is called Circa 1825 from In The Beginning. As I am planning on attending the AQSG seminar in Indianapolis next year, I thought it would be fun to join in the competition of making a small wall-hanging. You have to use at least 8 pieces from the Circa 1825 fabric collection and can either design your own wall hanging or base your design on a quilt from that era or any other time period you like.

The problem for me was trying to find someone in the UK who stocked the range. I spent two afternoons 'phoning up and down the country. It was surprising how many shops had not even heard of "In the Beginning" never mind the fabric collection. I finally found a quilt store in Oxfordshire, but they only had two bolts of the collection and were not intending on stocking any more of the range. I was becoming increasingly frustrated and finally turned to Petra Prins' shop in Zutphen who, yes were stocking the range but the cost of postage and packaging was horrendous. So I turned once again to the USA and Sandi at the above store was able to help.

The box arrived on Thursday, even Barney got involved in the unpacking...

What's in the box, Fiona?

Where are the cat treats?

My collection of Circa 1825. There is the most wonderful border print and I love the wavy print as well. Not sure about the bright blue fabric though.

From the same collection, but I had hoped it would have been greener, but all is not lost... I have plans for the aqua fabric on the left.

Now to start designing...

Have a good week!

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