Sunday, 2 June 2013

Les petit maisons continue...

 Blogger was causing me problems uploading photographs yesterday, so herewith the remainder of my photographs...

Di Ford's Petit Maison

Miss Porter's Quilt - inspired by a quilt made by Miss Porter in the 1770's and in the collection of the American Museum in Great Britain in Bath. I love the dusky hues of this quilt.

Miss Porter's Quilt

Close-up of the border

Ann's Legacy - inspired by Ann Dagg's quilt in the Smithsonian, Washington DC. This is one of my all time favourite quilts and would love one day to see it "in the flesh".

The centre of the original Ann Dagg Quilt
Di Ford's version of the centre of Ann Dagg's Quilt
Border of Ann's Legacy 

Phebe's Quilt - This is Di's version of one of Phebe Firmin Warner's quilts. Phebe and her sister made some very intricate quilts. This is an adaptation of the original  "Phebe" Quilt which can be seen on the front cover of Quilts of America by the Orlofskys which has the most amazing vine border. I have found other quilts by Phebe and her sister Sarah  notably in the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware.

Phebe Quilt
Close-up of centre
Close-up of border vine
Close-up of centre panel

Di had so many more quilts from her book to show, but too many to put on display, these were so tantalising...
More quilts!

An Moonen and Petra Prins - petit maison
Two of my favourite quilt shops are in Zutphen and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The shop in Zutphen is owned by Petra and Den Haan and Wagenmakers in Amsterdam is part owned by Petra with her friend Nel. I always spend well(!) at both shops whether it be in store or at a show. Petra has a canny eye for fabric. I also have fond memories of having dinner with two of Petra's helpers from the Zutphen store - Bep and Gerda in Nantes last year - it was hilarious - Fawlty Towers could have drawn much from what we experienced!

An Moonen is a Dutch quilt historian specialising in the Dutch chitz quilts from the late 18th and into the early 19th centuries (my period!), and together with Petra they have a new book out called Promenade in a Dutch Garden (Promenade dans un jardin Hollandais), where they have drawn inspiration from antique Dutch quilts for a wonderful collection of reproduction quilts - here are some of my favourites.

Circle of Witches - quilted by Bep Wissels
Tree of Life - Di Ford and Petra Prins
Tree of Life centre - designed and made by Di Ford
Vesalius - designed by Meghan Leslie and quilted by Alison Bacon
Sisters - centre - Designed by Petra, made and quilted by Esther Paap
Doll Quilt by Kris Pieters
Simon - Designed by Petra and made and quilted by Josephine Gaaf
There was one more petit maison that I visited, but I am very sorry to say I do not know who the designer was - but she had an unusual twist on quilts - adding embroidery gave a completely different dimension to the quilt. I will find out the designer's name and then change this entry at a later date, but I am on a roll!

Another version of the Sarah Johnson quilt
Centre of the quilt with embroidery added
Sampler quilt with embroidery

Well, I think that's about it for Nantes 2013. It was good trip all told with many happy memories including visiting the show with my American friend Theresa and her daughter Julie, an unplanned experience of standing up infront of a crowd of quilters talking about my Dear Jane experience, but not so happy memories of very painful feet due to a flare! 

Thanks for the comments from my previous posts and hopefully it will not be too long before I post more photographs... now where are the photos from my trip to the USA last November...


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos Fiona! Wonderful to get the closeups where you can see the fabrics used - so cleverly too!

  2. Always love seeing photos of Phebe. How wonderful that you saw it in person. I like Miss Porter's quilt, too, and could see it done in reds. I think from the whole book I am most taken with the Dutch Flower Urn quilt. There is a shop here that carries that border. They are waiting on more to come in, and I think I will order enough for that quilt. I love your photos!