Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I found it!

Well, Carol the weather-girl said that this week would be sunny with the temperatures gradually getting warmer and so, after last year's dismal so-called summer which was very wet, cold and very miserable, not to mention this year's long hard winter and cold spring, last night I decided to explore my wardrobe for a light-weight skirt to wear to work this morning and look what I found hanging on a skirt hanger!!

In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew - "I don't belieeeeve it". It's my long-lost Phebe centre block. 

I began this block about 3 - 4 years ago and didn't progress further than this because I didn't like it. I didn't like the background fabric - too yellow - I didn't like the birds - too pale and washed out - I didn't like the tulip flowers - too dominant - I didn't like the lilac coloured flowers - too flat - and most of all I didn't like the hillock. So I decided to throw the block away in disgust. A very unusual decision for me, but I couldn't stand the sight of it. 

But then 2 years ago,when my friend LuAnn said she was thinking of making the Phebe quilt, I started to think about the block I had started - I looked high and low for it - did I really throw the block out? Surely not. I searched again a year later and still I couldn't find it and came to the decision that I really had followed through with my threat. I even bought some new background fabric 2 years ago to have another go at the centre, but did not get much further than that - and then last night... there it was. Hanging amongst my Baltimore Album blocks in my wardrobe was my Phebe centre block. 

I still don't like it - I cannot quite work out why? So, early this morning I took another photograph in daylight, it's even more yellow or is it the red pot?

LuAnn gave me some of the fabric that is used in Di's original quilt for the hillock and I've pinned it on to see whether it makes any difference.

But no - if anything it looks worse. So I am going to start again - unless any body else has some bright ideas?


  1. What a funny story! sounds like something I would do actually so I shouldn't laugh :(
    I think you are very hard on the poor block. I love the vase and the red flowers and I don't mind the spotty green hill - it has a nice vintage look. There is quite a lot to add still so it may well grow on you as you add more? You need to be happy with it though...all the best with it

  2. Same thing happened to me - the loosing and finding part. I don't think your block looks bad. Maybe if you lay out several fabrics you want to use around your block it will look a whole lot better to you? You could also just continue to sew and decide in a much later phase if you'll keep the center?

  3. It like's on my Phebe story!!..;0)
    I'll take of my birds...and some flowers....and try again...
    My sheep's looked bad...now I'm jusing wool for the head and thats loked better....but it is along way to go!!..;0)
    Have a nice day..( sorry for my English..*Ü*..)

  4. Hi Fiona,
    I love your block. I dont think the background is yellow at all. The only thing i would change, and only if you had to change something, would be the brown birds. I think they are a little washy, but that being said i still like the look of them.
    I like both Hillock colour ways, I especially like the first colourway as it ties in with the bird at the top and the colour picks up in the vase. I think once you put your red berries on the trees the red flowers wont look dominant at all. And it might be a good idea to add some of the lighter red from the flowers to the berries? Just an idea.
    Dont give up on it, its way to nice to just leave it.
    Keep going. Once all the other colours, especially when you add the pieced star blocks, are added it will all blend and look amazing.
    Love your blog!
    All the best,

  5. Hi Fiona I would hate to see you start your center block over after all of that work....but after having said that, I did start my block over again. My first vase was the fabric that you are using, but I was lucky enough to come by a small piece of the fabric used in the original so I switched. I like your background and don't think it is too yellow. I really think if you change the two bottom birds and add the little red berries you will see a difference. I am working on my people now, and I think you will like it better after they are added, too. The more I look at your block, the more I like the hill that I gave you. I think it is softer looking. I love it, and either way I hope you will keep going on it.

  6. I agree with Kel, change the brown birds. Once you continue on adding borders it will come to life! Have fun.