Friday, 25 May 2012

Final blog from Pour L'Amour du Fil

Well, here it is, my final blog about the show...

But first I have had a few enquiries about my last entry - "what are the sizes of Reiko's work?" I did make some notes, but rather foolishly I cannot find them! They'll come to light one day, but in the meantime...

One of my favourites and reminds me of myself each Saturday morning with
 basket over my arm at the fruit and vegetable stall in our town's
High Street market-place
This one is about 12" wide x 10" high

This one is quite small at about 8" high

...and this one is about 14"H x 12"W
The circular piece with the rabbits in my last entry is about a small dinner plate size and my favourite with the Sunbonnet Sues' sitting on the bench is about 14" long and just 3" high.

Here are some more photographs from the show...

I love Boutis and have a couple of very small pieces that I made myself a couple of years ago. There was a lovely book available, but as you would expect it was all in French and whilst I can read French better than speak it, my French is not that good, so sadly I did not buy it.

Such fine workmanship

This is just stunning - about 36" square

There were a few antique quilts - here's what took my eye...
Approximately 1860

Close-up of block

Approximately 1840 - 1860

Close-up of block

Close-up of border
Approximately 1890 - there are 25,000 pieces!

Close-up of above quilt - each little square is just 1/2"
 A few more quilts from Brigitte Giblin's "petite maison". All of which appear in her new book.

Brigitte's version of the Leven's Hall Quilt

This is an old quilt pattern of Brigitte's. I remember it
from back in the mid-1990's, I love the border fabric
Brigitte's version of the Dancing Dolls Quilt
After all the rain we have had over the last month our hose-pipe ban has been partially lifted (can you believe in the 21st century that we in parts of the UK have been officially listed as being in a drought?), we have had a couple of very warm and sunny days which the Met. Office says will be with us for the week-end - yea!

Have a good weekend - a bientot!


  1. Thank you - for the information and the lovely pics. Ady

  2. Oh Fiona these photos are fabulous, I love the ittybitty Sue`s and the antique quilts I would just love to make them all! it was a great show even from my chair thanks

  3. I have really enjoyed your photos from the show. I love the chintz fabrics you purchased. Looks like you had a great time!