Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A new start, a WIP and some purchases...

As I am on annual leave, I have taken advantage between the housework - a sort of reward system (!) to complete some blocks and prepare and bag blocks for September which is looking to be a very busy month.

Maltaville Quilt
I have finally begun this quilt, after months of prevaricating about the background fabric, I have finally decided to go with what I originally intended, a Moda marble. I am still not very happy with my choice as the weave is very close and is taking some needling which has me worried when it comes to the quilting, which I do by hand. In the original quilt, each block was quilted differently (see previous postings for a full picture of the quilt) and I would like to eventually replicate this.
Maltaville Quilt - block F8
Here is my first block - F8 - a simple stem with leaves, although with my fabric choice, the stem reminds me somewhat of a worm! I have kept quite close to the colourings of the original fabric. This is the only block in the quilt with this fabric, even the background fabric was a lighter colour than the remainder of the quilt. Unfortunately, my original photograph of the block is a little too fuzzy, so I cannot tell who the original maker was, but I have wondered whether she was from out of the area. Many thanks to Margaret Mew over at Quilt Station for reproducing the blocks of this quilt. I am looking forward to this new journey, which will become my commuting project.

Everything old is new again quilt

Another block completed. I cannot help but think that the two flowers should have a centre, but the pattern did not show this so... ?Maybe at a later date.

Some purchases...
From the Festival of Quilts - I am sure I bought more than this?

Petra Prins' new book. Full of beautiful quilts to inspire, many of which use Dutch chintz fabrics. The book has very clear instructions, but at first takes some getting used to, as they are printed both in French and English. The Quilt Studies book has a very good paper by Caroline Ducey from the International Quilt Study Centre in Lincoln, Nebraska on Chintz Quilts, which are one of my quilting interests.

Talking of which, I could not resist... Some Dutch chintz fabrics from Den Haan and Wagenmakers in Amsterdam, Netherlands. These are sitting in a little basket on my sideboard, so I can just enjoy the colours. Better than flowers they do not fade and die!

Some quarters for various projects including from left to right, the Sundial Quilt, the Phoebe Quilt and along the bottom for the Maltaville Quilt.

This is a bit of a departure for me - some Umanji fabric from South Africa. I loved the bright, vibrant colours and did think about using them as an applique project set against a black background. This fabric (cotton) and the designs have been around since the 18th century, but maybe they are too, too bright.

Have a good week!


  1. Your new fabrics are so pretty! I can imagine having a lot of fun with these. I hope September isn't too hectic for you - you have to be able to fit in at least a little sewing time. I hope you're enjoying your leave.

  2. Such a graceful way of using that wonderful beige and white swirl fabric....the eye moves so gently around the design.