Monday, 15 August 2011

Festival of Quilts - part 2

These are photographs that were either a favourite or took my eye!

"Sweet Dreams"
Gill Hollingsworth & Linda Paris(Longarm), Marden

"My Baltimore Baskets"
Rosalind Sutton, Nottingham

"Whig Rose"
Margaret Hamilton, Porthmadog

"Practise... Practise... Practise"
Helen Worwood, Epsom

Hanne Asbey, Aberdeen

2nd prize - Traditional Quilts

Elke Voelker-Kobusch & Manuela Schaenke(Longarm), Meerbusch, Germany

3rd prize - Two person quilts

"Flowers of Kalosca"
Ilona Szabone-Tornyai, Hungary


From France

Bernadette Mayr, Kempton, Germany

"Heartache and Hope"
Jackie Smith, Hertford

The last two photographs were inspired by a visit to the Foundling Hospital in London, which held a major exhibition last year, which was extended into this year. The Foundling Hospital was where you could hand over your child to be cared for in difficult times. As many of the mothers could not read or write, they left one half of a piece of fabric or a ribbon etc with their child, whilst the mother kept the other by means of identifying their child later, in the hopes of being reunited. Consequently, and very sadly, there are books and books full of entries for each child who was never reunited and attached to the entry is the child's identification fabric, ribbon etc.

Part 3 to come

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  1. The quilt from France has about a million triangles in it!