Saturday, 23 July 2011

Another week gone...

...and I haven't achieved an awful lot although I have had some excitement at work. More later!

As promised I took the blocks in Row 2 of Beyond the Cherry Trees album quilt into work and laid them out on the floor in the office and then had problems trying to work how to photograph them all, without getting the edge of my skirt into the picture and missing cabinets which got in the way - so the picture is not the best! But I am pleased with progress thus far and it motivates me on.
The bowl in the middle block reminds me a little of the glaze effect on Moorcroft pottery, which I like so much, but just cannot afford. The 1st block appears very weak in design, but it should all balance up... eventually!

I am off to Poland...

Work has taken me in a new direction this week. I have just been selected to teach, along with another university lecturer from Belgium, a week long module on environmental modifications and adaptations within the home, work, school and community to Polish students who are training to become occupational therapists and occupational therapy educators. Currently there are no occupational therapists in Poland, so a European Union funded project has been established which aims to train people in the fundamentals of occupational therapy practice so that four new training schools can be set up in Poland.

I have always been interested in (or is it nosiness? :-)), occupational therapy practices across the world. I think it is the influence of a country’s culture on occupational therapy that interests me the most. So, I am very excited, but at the same time somewhat apprehensive of the enormous challenge this presents me as I know nothing about health and social care in Poland – so over the next few weeks I am going to be on a steep learning curve! I already have a 147 page document from a Polish government department on social care provision as my bedtime reading and yesterday I took part in my first skype meeting. An interesting experience which saw me tidying up my office desk! I go to Warsaw in just a few weeks and there are a number of deadlines looming fast as my Belgian colleague and I race to design and write a whole module! 

I was supposed to be marking scripts this weekend, but they haven't arrived so I'm going to take the advantage of this quieter time to catch up on housework and laundry and prep some blocks to keep me going over the next few weeks. Hopefully, my stitching will be just as productive as my work!

Wish me luck!


  1. Fiona, that's so exciting! I can't imagine being the one to bring a needed occupation to an entire country. Congratulations on being selected!

  2. Fiona How exciting to travel to Poland. It sounds like it will be an interesting time being a "trailblazer". I think it will be a challenge, but I know you will be an excellent teacher. I hope you can blog while you are there. Your applique' blocks are just beautiful and they will make a striking quilt.

  3. Love your Cherry Tree blocks. So soft and pretty. Mine are still not started yet. Hope you love Poland, I believe it is quite beautiful. From Debbie in Newcastle, Australia.

  4. Fiona, what an interesting blog! You are doing so well with your "Beyond the Cherry Trees" quilt! (I am still working on Mary Simon.)
    Margaret (from the BA list)