Sunday, 8 May 2011

Two more blocks...done!

It seems such a long time since I last wrote and much has happened in the world since then... not least the Royal Wedding. I spent most of the day in front of the television watching all the events unfold, I even made myself a little picnic in advance, so I wouldn't miss anything! It was a good day and I am pleased the forecasted rain did not materialise. I even got the block below for my Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt totally stitched during the day! Quite fitting really since HRH Duchess of Cambridge's dress had lace made at the Royal School of Needlework appliqued around the skirt of her wedding dress.
Block 6 - Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt
Over the weekend I also finally finished another block, my 7th. This block has been sitting around for a couple of months. I am not sure about one of the fabrics that I introducing into the quilt for the first time. I think it has too much white in it. Maybe if I use it sparingly throughout the quilt?

Block 7 - Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt

The weather over Easter was glorious with temperatures in the early 20's. As a result all of the May blossom has bloomed up to a month early. The weather pundits are saying that it was the warmest and sunniest April on record and we may have a beautiful summer, hmm... with our weather, what's the betting it will now rain and rain and rain?

I took this photograph of some lilac blossom last weekend.

Have a good week!


  1. Lovely blocks, Fiona. I don't see white in either of them.

    Our weather report for April was the second coldest on record. I think I'd rather have been were you are!

  2. Your blocks are just beautiful. I was in Paducah during the Royal Wedding, but I was able to see the highlights in a TV special on Sunday evening.