Thursday, 14 April 2011

Fabric Shopping in Holland (part 2)

 To Amsterdam
The next stage of my fabric adventure saw me travelling from Zutphen to Amsterdam via Arnhem - a trip of just under 2 hours.

My now bulging suitcase was getting quite heavy, so that 40 minutes after leaving Zutphen I found myself in Arnhem. Here I had to change platforms for the train to Amsterdam Central, but there were no lifts! The first station on my travels without a lift! I eventually got my suitcase and bag up a very steep flight of stairs and down to the next platform. Hopefully the engineering works at Arnhem will include the installation of lifts!

Within 15 minutes of arriving in Amsterdam I was at my hotel, a very short walk from the main railway station. The Crown Plaza hotel has integrated three merchants houses into the hotel which you can see to the right.

The purpose of my trip to Amsterdam was to visit Den Haan and Wagenmakers. This fabric shop is renowned for its reproduction of Dutch/Indian chintzes. Three years ago Petra and her friend Nel bought the shop and I had seen some of their fabrics at the Festival of Quilts.

After booking my hotel a couple of weeks ago, I was researching the shop's address only to find that my hotel and the shop were in the same street and, as it transpired, was just a 5 minute walk away! Now, how did I manage that one??

Den Haan and Wagenmakers
 The next morning (yes, I waited a whole night, but I was tired and it had begun to rain and I had no idea the shop was sooo close!) I visited the shop and... oh, my goodness another shop I want to pick up and put in my back garden!

Oh, the colours and the fabrics...

Model made in chintz and plaids

Spider Web Star and Log Cabin in barn raising formation
View from the top of the staircase
 The ground floor holds the chintz collection plus latest arrivals whilst the mezzanine floor holds mainly the reproduction collection. Three or four of the chintz fabrics I recognised I already have in my collection but had not realised they had come from there, so will fish them out and put them together.

Some of the chintz fabrics available
 I had not realised that  Den Haan and Wagenmakers are also well-known for their plaids, another love of mine and there were several fabric packs made up of a mix of chintz and plaids which really took my eye..., but they will have to wait - a good excuse for another visit!

But, I was there with a purpose. I took over the mezzanine floor in my quest to find just the right fabrics for the old quilt. Bolts of fabric were pulled and put away and 3 hours later I emerged with these fabrics to add to the ones from Zutphen. I think I am done!

I also bought a chintz Tree of Life panel to add to my collection and would have liked to have bought more, but I was going to have difficulty in carrying it all, so memo for my next trip to the Netherlands - take a bigger suitcase!

Tree of Life panel
Danke Vell to Elsbeth and Nel for another warm welcome and their patience and assistance.

And now for some views of Amsterdam from a canal trip. Unfortunately, it was raining and very overcast, so a little drab.
Central basin and Cathedral
Entrance to one of the canals

Mercahnt's houses

Houseboat on canal

Seagill - whilst close to the sea, Amsterdam's canals are freshwater


Seagull comes to a sorry end!!

Cycle park by main station


  1. and again you show us beautiful pictures!!!
    And the store in Amsterdam is so beautifull..the dutch sitsen are one off my favorit fabrics...the collors are so beautifull!!!...
    I think i should make a quick visit to Amsterdam!!..;0)))
    And how is Phebe????

  2. Oh Fiona...What a wonderful trip. I just love that tree of life panel and the wonderful fabrics you have purchased. The blues are especially pretty.

  3. What a fabulous trip you had! I can't wait to go back - and this was second best to another trip. Thank you.
    I have completed a repro of the Hindeloopen in dutch chintz repro, have a HST ready to quilt, and the Tree of Life panel waiting in the wings - can hardly wait to see your projects!

  4. Just love this! Beautiful pictures. Well done.