Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dear Jane Exhibition and Talk - Nantes

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Jane B. Stickle quilt, a celebratory exhibition of Dear Jane quilts from around the world was staged in Nantes. It is hard to believe that there can be so many interpretations of the same quilt and yet in their won way, each is so unique and clearly shows the quilter's mastery of their art. Here are some of my favourites...

Aimee Marchant - Belgium

Ainaka Imenschot - Netherlands

Annie Tromp-Doornink - Netherlands

Close-up of Annie Tromp-Doornink's quilt

Barbara Larson - USA
Each block is 2" square

Close-up of Barbara Larson's quilt

Betty Prins - Netherlands

Diane Rhode and Judy Doenias - USA

Gisselo Piaj-Britt - Denmark

Ineke Marijnissen-Van der Molen - Netherlands

Joes Messter - Netherlands
Her quilt was selected to be on the Dear Jane bag for the exhibition, unfortunately though she was not acknowledged on the bag - so I am doing it!

Julie Clarke - Australia

Maryvonne Deschamps - France

Nancy Jackson - USA

Paula Klein - Luxembourg

Brenda Papadakis was due to give a 2 hour talk on Dear Jane, but unfortunately at the last minute she could not attend... So she video'd her presentation which was about 20 minutes in length and quite emotional. So what to do for the rest of the presentation?

The audience patiently waits...
 By some amazing happenstance there were a number of us attending the talk who each knew each other through attending the Dear Jane meetings in Shipshewana. There was also a wonderful chronological representation from the early 1990's through to 2010.
The Nantes panel - Brenda (USA), Elizabeth (our wonderful interpreter), Theresa (USA), Me (UK), Caroline (Belgium), Hanne (Norway), Brigitte (Germany), Julie (Australia), Barbara (USA) and Fernande (Belgium)
We each gave a short presentation on how we came to find out about Dear Jane with snippets on how the blocks came to be named, how friendships have been formed, and how some of us gained new-found independence and strength to travel half-way across the world to go to Shipshewana - for us all the common theme was how the Dear Jane Quilt had crossed boundaries and enabled the firm foundation for wonderful friendships to form both through the Dear Jane list and at Shipshewana.

Our reception from the audience was wonderful and for the remainder of the show, attendees stopped to thank us for a wonderful presentation... In our own way we added to the continuing story of Jane Blakeney Stickle's quilt.


  1. I love your posts from the Dear Jane Exhibition. I think I have met most of the people on the panel at sometime in Shipshewana. The Dear Jane quilt is beautiful no matter what fabrics are used or how many blocks are made. I really love that last one with the applique' center; it's very different and appeals to me. I had better finish my first one before thinking about a second...or third. Thanks for posting your photos.

  2. I loved looking at these quilts - thank you so much for sharing them - all so different. I look forward to starting mine- one day!!!

  3. What a rare treat for those of us who couldn't go. Thank you!