Sunday, 15 January 2012

Maltaville quilt blocks

I have had very little time to stitch recently, so only a short entry. These three blocks from the Maltaville Album Quilt were finished over Christmas and New Year and I finally pressed them last night.

Block E6

Block A6

Block E7
Each of the blocks in the quilt were signed, but unfortunately, my camera was not particularly good at the time I saw the quilt in the Smithsonian, but Block E6 is signed Maria Box and Block E7 Charity E Lewis. I've just noticed that I didn't embroider the bird's red beak onto Block E7 - oh well, hey ho!

Have a good stitching week.


  1. These are beautiful, Fiona! The last block of the Cherry Tree quilt was posted this week and I plan to get started on it. I haven't done any applique for a while and I'm in withdrawal!

  2. I've been head down over the computer the last few days and hadn't looked up to see what else was going on around me...and look at these, they're wonderful. The blue that you've used in A6, I have as well and in the Red. It's a great fabric isn't it!
    Keep up the good work with those names ;-)
    hugs M

  3. Beautiful blocks!