Saturday, 1 January 2011

A very happy 2011!

After nearly two years (!), I have finally found my way back onto my blog.

A new year means new resolutions - we will see how long I can keep this one!

Are you a starter or a finisher?

This question was posed on another blog. On reflection, I am most definitely a starter - I love starting new projects, all the planning, the sorting through my stash, finding a basket to fit all of the selected fabrics into and finally, starting the project - putting needle and thread into fabric.

I have so many works in progress, but... I do eventually (and this is the operative word!), finish my quilts. At the last count I currently have 11 quilts on the WIP list - Dear Jane Quilt, Sundial Quilt, 1800's Basket Quilt, two Baltimore Album Quilts, the Poppies Quilt, Flower Garden Quilt, Beyond the Cherry Tree Quilt, the Sally Post Quilt, the Rebecca Kohler Quilt and finally, I have to design and make a quilt for my 3" swap blocks I have collected from my friends over the last two years by next November!

So 2011 has got to be the year of finishing off at least two of the above! The 3" block quilt is a must, but which of the others? and, somehow, I have to resist all the other projects that are going on in my head. This is not going to be easy, believe me!

Back in November I went to the USA for my annual quilt trip and I arrived back in England to snow. This is a view of the street from my bedroom window. There was close to 20" of snow. Today, it is all gone, but the above will serve as a reminder of what we had...

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